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File extension XLR most commonly refers to a spreadsheet or chart produced in Microsoft Works, which is a less expensive cut-down version of Microsoft's more comprehensive Office suite of applications. These spreadsheets or charts can either be loaded and manipulated in spreadsheet software, or imported into word processing or desktop publishing applications to present data.

XLR files contain data stored in spreadsheet format, and are similar to the more widely used File extension XLS format, which is the default file type used by Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet consists of rows and columns, which are referenced by numbers and letters respectively. Individual data items are stored in cells, which are where rows and columns intersect, and can be referenced using a unique cell reference which combines the column letter and row number. Cells can be formatted to display data in appropriate form, such as currency or date, and text within a spreadsheet can also be formatted to improve presentation or readability. XLR files can also contain dynamic formulas which update when data in source cells is altered, as well as embedded objects such as charts or graphs.

XLR files are used to store and represent numerical data, and are commonly used in accountancy, budgeting, business planning and scientific research. It is also possible to export charts and graphs created within XLR files to office applications such as word processors to be embedded within other documents.

XLR files are a proprietary format developed by Microsoft for use with its Works Spreadsheet package, though can also be opened by their more powerful Excel spreadsheet application. XLR files may also be able to be opened using Microsoft Word with limited functionality, or with Excel viewer, though this will only allow the spreadsheet to be viewed and not directly modified. In order to use XLR files with other spreadsheet applications, it must first be opened in Microsoft Works or Excel and exported to an alternative, more widely supported format.

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